mcdonagh27 asked: hey i just started a new blog, and i was wondering if you could check it out? it's a rangers blog, and idk if you're a rangers fan or not but thanks anyways, i love your blog btw

Well lucky you I happen to be one actually haha! Sure dude lol and thanks!

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Anonymous asked: 5'3, curly black hair, green eyes, paler than most gingers; singer, dancer, student and gymnast; love The Civil Wars; proud owner of a six-month-old baby kitten; sports lover. Date or pass?

Date totally dude. 

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describe yourself on anon for date or pass c:


things like:

  • what color hair you have
  • what kinda music you like
  • do you have pets
  • what are your hobbies
  • what color your gorgeous eyes are
  • etc
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Actual Cockatiel: Dion Phaneuf (♕)

Hartnell makes the beat drop.


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